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Okay, I got my Surface and have a couple of questions


I put a JOTO matte screen protector on mine and it makes a HUGE difference in usability for me. The screen protector was an absolute PITA to apply, more so than others I've done, but probably because of the larger size (compared to phones, etc.). However, it really cuts the glare, the screen no longer shows fingerprints and every tiny speck of dirt, it's usable in a truck on a sunny day, and when I used the stylus, the screen feels more like paper. I absolutely detest glossy, shiny glass screens. All three of my Windows tablets (SP3, S3, and Dell Venue 8 Pro) have matte screen protectors on them.
I do think the screen protector is a waste as well... especially if you do run into an issue the extended warranty will simply just replace the unit for you...


Hi, all!

got my 128gb Surface 3 and am loving it so far. A very nice device. I do have a couple of questions, though. I'm hoping some of you can help since you're apparently better versed in these things than I am.

1) When I tried to hook up my external to it so I could transfer files, it was not recognized by the system. I had it plugged in and it was read fine by my desktop. Any special drivers I'd need?

2) Screen protectors. okay, let's forgo the what I'm sure are the usual "they charge too much for peripherals" thing (but they do) and just say that I was looking for a tempered glass screen protector for my Surface to go with my keyboard cover and my leather case (with the money we've spent on these things, I'm sure I'm not alone in being overly careful). Here's the problem. I bought a glass screen protector for my iphone and it was...well, you know....glass. Yes, very hard and durable. But looked and acted like glass. Every "tempered glass" screen protector I've seen for the Surface is....not very glass like (like them being flexible. Glass shouldn't wiggle if you grip a corner and waggle your hand, right? I remember that from 3rd grade science. Glass is rigid.) and more of a plastic looking sheet. Am I horribly behind the times and they're reconfigured glass or are these people making these being as flexible with their descriptions as they are with their glass?

3) Getting back to the transferring files thing. Can I hook my Surface up to my PC via USB and drag and drop or will there be a problem running two Windows machines tethered to one another?

I'm sure I'll have more as time goes on, but if you can help me out here, I'd appreciate it.

# 3) yes, you can do that but you need one of these http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Wind...1447357073&sr=8-3&keywords=usb+transfer+cable
Look for Windows Easy Transfer to copy your files and settings from your old computer to the new one. Easy Transfer is a slick little tool. It works great with Windows, IE, Office, but you will need to manage other programs like Firefox and Chrome separately.


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The crazy thing for me is, I bought my Surface 3 LTE on contract. A two months later, Microsoft ships me a box containing had plastic bag with the Surface label on it. I open it, and I find encased in bubble wrap, a hard plastic screen protector for my S3! Until then, I was using a cheap film type protector. This one is hard but doesn't effect pen or touch sensitivity.


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I think that, aside from protecting the screen, the tempered glass screen protectors come with an oleophobic coating on them. I had several oleophobic coated touch screen devices that would lose the coating in the heavily used areas of the screen so the tempered glass protectors help. If the coating wears off of the screen protector, you can just replace the screen protector and get a whole new coating. I will be looking into getting this for my Surface 3 mostly for this reason alone


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I have the glass on my Note 4 - I LOVE it.... I have not bought it for my Surface - I have 2 year geek squad protection, which covers breaks for free. I do have a thin case, that covers the screen when it is closed - I like that for my tablet bag (which is padded). I wanted a very thin case, because I like the thinness and lightweight features of the Surface!


I am normally a fan of screen protectors but the S3 feels so good writing directly on the display with the pen (particularly with the new SP4 pen) that I haven't added an SP. I am, however, having glare issues using the S3 in public buildings with neon lighting overhead and in any outdoor scenario. I am contemplating an antiglare SP and really wish MS would release a glass AG version for the S3.