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Got the wedge mouse and keyboard


And they are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Just having extremely mobile (and functional) keyboard and mouse without the need to plug in a receiver or use my usb slot.

I highly recommend them both.

I had been holding off due to their prices, I think both are overpriced by about £20 but if you can find them reduced then don't be shy to give them a go!



I've had the Wedge mouse for a while and it's pretty good. Downside being the right-click needs to be more precise than I'd like and that the power button keeps getting pressed by accident in the bag. My Wedge keyboard arrives today - I get a good price as I'm in the trade :) Will see how I go with that. I just can't get used to the touch cover and the type cover seems very, very overpriced. At least with Wedge keyboard I can use it with any other Bluetooth device.


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Nice guys. I'm waiting for my surface pro BUT didn't get the touch type cover cause I find over priced also. The downside is you'll be carrying 2 items instead of 1.
I've got an old MS Arc keyboard..I'll see how it goes with it.
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