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Replaced my Surface Wedge Mouse


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I originally got the Surface Wedge Mouse for its diminutive size which, now that I've used it for half a year, I must say that is its only redeeming quality. If all you need is a device to move the pointer on the screen, this will do that but that's about it. I kind of wish I had done more reading on it before I bought it but I'm posting this semi-review of it now to warn mostly everyone not to buy it.

- Ultra small and compact so great for carrying around
- Good battery life
- Looks sleek

- Often accidentally gets switched on in my bag due to ease of hitting the power button
- Although it has both a left and right click function, it actually only has 1 physical button and senses whether you are left or right clicking by attempting to figure out where you were touching when you clicked. This fails often enough that it was really annoying, especially if you tend to rest your fingers on the "buttons".
- Due to the one physical button, you cannot simultaneously left and right click. Not only is this bad for a lot of games but even got in the way of my work using protein structure visualization software where left+right click allows you to pan the view.
- Since it doesn't have a scroll wheel, it employs a touch-based scroll which only activates with a certain speed of finger motion. Want to only scroll a few lines? Good luck trying to move your finger slow enough to control how many lines but fast enough to exceed its threshold to signal that you want to scroll. For me, the last straw was when I was attempting to analyze some NMR data where you need to use the scroll wheel to set a signal threshold and this mouse kept making me overshoot where I wanted to be... or wouldn't move because I wasn't moving my finger fast enough.

At $70, it is a terrible mouse unless you absolutely need to fit it into your pocket or a tiny bag and it is one of the only pieces of tech that I completely regret buying. I have replaced it with a Razer Orochi 2013 ($60 on sale) which, although significantly bigger and heavier, is much more suited to doing everything a mouse should do. I also like how it has the option of plugging in by USB in case the batteries run out or I want less latency.

Semi-rant, semi-review: thanks for reading!
Best Bluetooth travel option - Logitech T630. Small, can be paired to 2 machines. Gesture enabled.
Best wifi dongle travel mouse - Logitech Anywhere MX. Works on any surface, great erganomics and several buttons.
I have the later but have considered the T630
That Razor looks good though