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Great Idea : Surface Cover

Would You Buy A Surface Cover without Type Capability?


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I've been waiting for some company or MS to come out with a magnetic cover that just protects the screen but its seems this is probably not going to happen. I have a Type 2 cover, but sometimes Id like to just snap on a protective cover and be on my way instead of the thicker/heavier type cover.


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Sorry, I don't see the point. I doubt it could be much thinner than the touch cover so why give up the keyboard?


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Because it would be a lot thinner and wouldnt cost nearly as much, you wouldnt have to worry about ruining a $150 Cover by smashing the edges or ruining the keys when its folded behind the device. Dont get me wrong, I love the Type cover, but depending on where Im going, I dont always need that functionality


Not a useful idea for me. Most of the time I spend with the SP2 is in the desktop mode, very few applications I actually employ have a touch interface. IOW, the keyboard is essential for almost everything I do with the SP2. How could I not have it along? What form would be more functional than the Type Cover or equivalent?



Well, if you sold a Type Cover that EXTENDED around the backside of the Surface, I'd buy that! I'm not really worried about protecting the screen, especially since the covers do that already. But I'm worried about scratching the backside where the kickstand is. So invent a Type cover that would basically wrap all the way around when closed.


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I voted yes because it would be nice to have screen coverage without the keyboard when I just desire tablet mode for riding in the car while my wife shops or while sitting thru church on a church pew. I know I can fold the keyboard back under but hey why not have another option even though I doubt it would be any lighter or thinner!


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Perhaps if the SP2 was a thinner unit. Given how thick it is the extra couple of mms isn't a factor for me.