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Screen + bezel creaking under normal use/some other minor issues


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I've noticed that when I press on the area directly to the right of the front facing webcam on my Surface Pro 2 [128GB] model, the bezel creaks rather loudly. After that, pressing on the screen itself will cause device to creak [sort of a popping noise] once again. Is this normal? The reason I'm asking these sorts of questions is because I've had a bit of trouble out of my new device (that might actually be normal, that I'm simply not accustomed to), and if the device is defective in any way, I'd like to take the opportunity to utilize my warranty on it before my summer classes begin. (They start in two weeks, and I need the Surface for writing notes). A few small things have been happening, notably the creaking issue and some problems that I've been having with the Type Cover 2 (the cover isn't always recognized/sometimes stops working at random, forcing me to disconnect and reconnect it to continue typing). I also have to bare down fairly hard on the screen to get it to register the Surface pen just recently, but that might just be me. I've ordered the Wacom Bamboo Feel replacement pen for that.

In regards to the creaking, I've been reading a thread or two (in particular, this one: http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...-design-flaw-microsoft-surface-pro-2-a-2.html) that may seem to suggest it is a defect in the device, as it only affects a small number of owners.

Should I replace my device? Once again, the [small] issues I've noticed in my one-month period of ownership so far have been:

-Paint chipping through normal use (such as connecting the cover)
-Very, very fragile (not really an issue, but goes hand-in-hand with the first point; it shocked me how easily this thing can be damaged)
-Bezel and screen creaks when writing or pressing the edges
-Type Cover 2 ceases functioning at random

-Pen doesn't always register correctly/takes a lot of pressure to use
~Sometimes, the device doesn't detect the pen at all, similar to the type cover issue. The only thing that seems to solve it is a system restart.


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My screen bezel started creaking recently -- didn't happen the first few months, but I guess after a while the heat has an effect on whatever they've used as glue. I find that if I press in on the bezel, the creaking goes away for a couple days. It took me 3 returns to get the 4300 CPU 512GB model, I'm not about to return it for that ;-)


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Mine did that and they swapped it straight across at the MSFT store no questions asked.

Then it happened again on the replacement and I decided to live with it.

I think there is a design flaw such that if you hold it with your left thumb above the camera (as is comfortable in tablet/portrait mode) then this problem develops.


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I'd return it if I were you. I've had mine since October and I've not experienced any of the issues that you have mentioned.
I have that in mine since I bought mine. But since everything else is working, I don't want to return mine. Btw, I hate that the power cord is metal and scrapes away the black paint around the power plug on the surface pro2. Looks so ugly.


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The first one i had, had no issues with screen, but the wifi failed, the replacement SP2 has a bit of screen around the cam that doesn't seem to be glued down properly .. not a big deal, but if it gets worse I'll be returning asap.


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Best Buy wants me to bring it a service center, where they'll make a judgment on whether they want to send it off to "repair" it, or allow an exchange. I don't have much faith that they're going to grant me an exchange, given all of the horrible reviews on their warranties. If that falls through, is there any way I can exchange the device directly through Microsoft? I've only had it since April 15th, 2014.


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It's a design flaw don't let anyone tell you something different. When you use the surface for things that a "pro" device is used for the device gets hot and then the glue that holds the screen softens… After that happens you will get the creaky screen. I know because I have returned two for the same exact issue and I can feel device #3 is going to start doing it too… Guess it wasn't meant to be used for Solid works...
Yes you should contact with MS support and get it replaced under your warrantee ! , chat with the MS support agent they will be helpful.