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Great Surface Pro 2 is out and better than Ever


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Now what does Microsoft do for those for us who have an original Surface Pro 128GB devices. Is there a trade up program? Deep Discount on a new one? Sure would be nice if they would have offered us something? This isn't like a new phone that just came out. This is some serious money.

It would be nice and I don't feel entitled. But I doubt it would be worth taking a huge loss on our current pro. I bought my 128gb pro in August. Right before they Nnoumced new MS launch event and I was already past my 15 day waiting period. If I would've known I would've waited. Never thought they'd release a new version so soon. Regardless, I'm extremely happy with my current pro. Bit my tech junkie in me is fighting the urge to have the latest & greatest version. I bought my pro when they were giving $100 collar discount on each model. The trade in value they offering for credit is too much of a loss for me to stomach. I'd rather keep pro and give ir away vs. Take that loss. I know I could get far more from eBay or whatever but that takes time and investment. Just like a famous YouTube woman would say, Aint nobody got time fo that..hahaha
eBay. Seriously. That will trump any trade-in program at this point in time. You do have to do a bit of work, though (cleanup, reset, good photos, research pricing, etc.).
eBay isn't the only place, there is kijiji and craigslist, and it takes hardly any time to post it and sell it on there, also take a look in your area and you will be surprised at how well the resell value is on these devices, to me it's well worth the time...and that's the route I will be taking, as far as I can see I will only lose about a $100-$150 which is tolerable for me lol
I'm seeing a bunch of SP1 on Craigslist for $700-900 and SRT for $300-$350....

Amazon is offering $170 for SRTs (32GB) and MS Store is offering $110-150
I got over $300 net with my RT on eBay, but mainly I ascribe to the seller/buyer protections (experienced with over 300 auctions including international). The other options are much easier, of course, with whatever associated risk. The only rule of thumb right now is--trade-ins are the lowest you can get in terms of cash/credit value, above giving it away for free.