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GREAT Surface Pro 3 HD Video Review



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@markb06 I am really happy (i5 256). My kickstand is a little loose though, so hopefully I will be able to exchange my SP3 on tuesday.

Otherwise, no problem at all. Fan is completely quiet, wifi is great, screen is not bleeding, and the device never gets warm.

So far so good !
Thats great! I thought my stand was loose too, just assumed they are all like it? (Kind of loose when in a stuck position.)


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@markb06 I went to BestBuy to compare with their four SP3 on display. My kickstand is a little loose. Under 20-25 degrees, if my SP3 is held horizontally, the kickstand closes by itself. There is just a very little friction, but apparently not enough.

None of the four SP3 at BestBuy did it. Apparently...

Its nothing, but the guy suggested to exchange it. So, why not.



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you might want to try this:
In IE under Tools
-Manage- add-ons
-Tracking protection
DISABLE Stop Google Tracking
close and restart IE

You can ENABLE it again when you wish to go back to your original settings.

Thanks! That did the trick!


Thanks so much! Glad you loved the video!

Yes I think you're right, that's where a lot of reviews are being unfair. They review it as a iPad or as a MacBook Air and it's neither. It's elements of both (Both the elements most people love.) In one device.

I love that I never have to be worried I'm taking the right device with me. With the SP3, you know you are!

Thanks for your review. I couldn't agree more in terms of the your opinions on the productivity of the device, the quality of the display, and the how incredibly under-rated the Type Cover is.



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I love the Surface Pro 3 for the same reason I'll likely be buying a Samsung Gear S smart watch. I enjoy the idea of "one-ring-to-rule-them-all" technology, and for me SP3 is just that.

Going 12 inches and 3:2 aspect ratio was really the master stroke. Also going thinner as in the Surface Line. I used to always admire the Surface and think, why can't MS just make the Pro Line bigger so it can be thin like this?...and they did just that.

I can type on it all day for work just like a regular laptop, browse the web in portrait on my sofa while drinking my morning coffee like a tablet and scratch out some quick notes when I'm trying to figure out why my DirectTV web connection wasn't working properly (just grabbed a screenshot from their configuration page, dragged it into OneNote and wrote on top of that - brilliant!).

The SP3 isn't just a computer, it's my buddy and I'm very happy with it.