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Grinding / Buzzing Fan..


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Hi guys,

So my out of warranty Surface Pro has developed a potentially very expensive / annoying problem......

One of the CPU fans has become extremely noisey when the CPU is under load and it's trying to cool the thing down. We're not talking about wooshing air here, it sounds like a mosquito has got inside and is buzzing like its on drugs. Essentially its sounds mechanical...

I'm loathed to take the machine to Microsoft as I think I'll get automatically told to send it off for servicing and it'll cost me $300 - $500 to replace a $20 fan. So what I'm trying to find first is a safe lubricant that I can spray into the vents on the device (ideally while it's on) in an attempt to lube up whatever is causing the buzzing.

Does anyone really technical have an suggestions? My reading so far suggests a silicon based spray is good. But I'm terrified to spray anything into it!

If the spray solution doesn't work I'm guessing the only option after that is to surrender my credit card to Microsoft?


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Well... you could always try taking it apart for replacement, but it's not an easy job!