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Fan Noise on Surface Pro 6

Jason Miller

New Member
Hi there

I have a three month old Surface Pro 6 i7 512MB, and it's starting doing something that is odd, or at least I think it's odd.

We had a hot spell in London and now when the fan comes on it makes a fair amount of mechanical noise, as well as the normal rushing air sound, and the fan doesn't seem to turn off - I left it for around 30 minutes which the processor idle and the fan remained on. Previously the fan would come on and there was no mechanical noise, but you heard the rushing air sound, and the fan would also turn off relatively quickly. I also have a Surface Laptop 2, and previously the Surface Pro 6 sounded very similar with the fans on, but now sounds different and quite a lot louder.

If I turn the Surface Pro off, and on, the fans don't come back on until you would expect them to come on - i.e. high CPU activity for a short while.

Could this be a defective fan after such a short while? Or something I can fix in software?

Any suggestions welcome!



Jason Miller

New Member
Ah it's now developed a new symptom - the external monitor now starts flashing when the fan comes on, almost likes it's disconnecting and reconnecting!

Going to try a new lead, but the lead behaves fine with my Surface Laptop 2.

This isn't going well!