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Solved hard disk and microSD encryption


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What are the steps needed to encrypt both hdd+microSD with BITLOCKER?
What are the main Negatives of encrypting both? I am coming from using only my external USB encrypted with Bitlocker, which has been performing great so far. Just curious about how both microSD and hdd will be affected in SP3? Issues after coming back from hibernation? Will Onenote folder (local folder in microSD to save files) be affected?
Pls, any user out there that shares his personal experiences is of great value to me!


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I have a SP2 with Windows 10 and have it fully encrypted with BitLocker and I also have a MacBook Pro encrypted with FileVault. OneDrive on both and no issues accessing files on either.

There's a noticeable slowdown in general use with my SP2 after encrypting it. It was never encrypted when Windows 8.x was on it, or any of the Windows 10 betas -- I'm comparing it to that. It's not slow, but not quite as zippy as it used to be. I'm sure my MacBook also must run slower after encrypting it, but it's not noticeable to me. The SP3 is faster than the SP2, so you may not notice it at all.

As with any SSD-based computer, encryption, combined with your already-on TRIM garbage collection, is the best way to secure your data (if that's a concern).

As for the steps -- just open the BitLocker app and follow the prompts. Then you wait... takes a while to perform the initial encryption.


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I have NO idea if it was Bitlocker's fault or not, but a 128GB SanDisk microSD card and a PNY 128GB USB flash drive were both wrecked when I tried to encrypt them using Bitlocker. Totally unrecognizable by any machine. Both were replaced under warranty.

I have successfully encrypted other USB flash drives, and they worked great between Window 8.1 and Windows 7 machines, but I'm wary about encrypting the microSD again. It was probably just coincidence, but once burned...

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