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Hard Disk space issues related to IE


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Hi guys, Just thought I would share something I found. Recently I have been using the Immersive browser quite a bit with my Surface RT as I enjoy the full screen browsing and touch control. I suddenly noticed that I was getting near 100% usage of my hard disk (even though I have barely anything installed). I did some searching and found a folder that apparently had 18GB worth of data:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\Immersive\Active

This looked familiar and I remembered turning off Automatic Crash recovery for the desktop version of IE11 for the same reason. The settings can be found here: Internet Options -> Advanced -> Browsing -> Enable automatic crash recovery

I can't seem to find anyway to disable this cache for the immersive browser, but I have added a shortcut to that folder on my desktop and clear it out everyday now. I seem to build up about 2GB / day recently.

Hopefully this helps those with space woes!
see if this helps at all:
at the start screen, type disk cleanup
click on free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files
once it loads, click the clean up system files button
select what you want to delete