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Disappointed with IE (crashing and slowdown)


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Hey guys I'm new here, just bought a surface pro 3 i5 8gb ram.

So, I explain my situation.

I haven't had any windows laptop for years.

On 0SX I stopped using Chrome because it's too much of a power hungry browser, the battery consumption compared to Safari was just too much.

On Windows desktop Chrome was my default browser, but early this year I moved to a smaller place where I didn't had the space for a desktop, so I bought a gaming laptop (I don't game, but sometimes I use applications that require more power), battery was never a problem because the machine is always connected, although I run in to problems with chrome, it wasn't nice scrolling and I had a lot of frame drops on youtube,

But I needed something more portable and with a better battery life for on the go, I travel a lot by train and I like to use this time to browse and a big laptop with only 2h of battery life isn't a good choice for that.

So between the XPS 13 and the Surface, I decided for the surface.

Keeping and eye on battery use, I decided to go for IE, being the system default browser I supposed it would be more resources friendly than other browser.

I'm a kind of a power inerter user, when I browse a website, let's says this forum, I will open every topic that I want to read to read them later, and I have some youtube tabs open and etc, and I almost never close my browser because explorer don't reopen all my tabs when reopening it. That's why I went for the 8gb ram version.

The problem is that almost everyday I get some kind of crash or slow down on IE (for clarification I use the desktop version, the modern UI is just not good enough for tab browsing).

In 3 days of use I got already 4 times the "Internet explorer is not responding" error that forces me to close the browser, and sometimes some tabs will turn white and stop responding.

And when typing some text after a while it will lag, like right now, I'm typing using the type cover, and the word representation on screen is lagging a lot, like 3, 4 letters behind. I don't expect to see that in such a hardware.

Someone experiences the same? Any other browser that is not heavy on battery but that is fast and can handle many tabs open?



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Also add the tracking protection lists in IE (adding accelerators) this is the loose equivalent of Ad-Block on Firefox and Chrome.