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Has anyone here tried Linux or OS X on their device?

The "isolation" of the VM would be a problem since I've been relying on the connection between the VM and host, as well as the VM and the internet, and of course the host and the internet too. So yes, that's a more complicated setup to organize.
A good alternative I've been using (as a developer I often need host<->VM connectivity) is to have two virtual adapters, one connecting to NAT as previously described, while the other connecting to a "Host only network". Host only network does require some support from the operating system, but at least there's no bridging involved.

Now if you need for the VM to be accessible from outside the host.... THAT is more difficult. You can either bridge or (at least with VirtualBox) manually configure some static NAT mappings.
Maybe we can get a new "Alternate operating systems" subforum here? I see there's some interest -- we're already discussing more than one topic on this thread -- and (for the Linux case) most of the problems will have nothing to do with distro-specific things

Basically I feel weird posting in Ubuntu forums about my experiences with Gentoo :) I will probably also try OS X

I've now bought a Type Cover v2 and found out it does not work at all under kernel 3.13.6 . There's a patch floating around but it did nothing to me -- also had to apply to "NOGET" quirk and now it seems to work, but probably too early to tell.
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I tried out virtual box with ubuntu and could not get it to work right. I ended up using vmware player which am extremely pleased with. I have ubuntu 12.04 installed on my sp2 128gig with 4gigs of ram and 1 gig dedicated to the vm. I am using ubuntu mainly with the text editor and terminal for my programming class.