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Surface Pro 2 will not boot into Windows


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Thanks. It doesn't make sense. I blew away the partitions again and attempted to install Linux Ubuntu just to see....what do you know, it installed and booted up fine. I am completely stumped as why to none version of Microsoft (Surface Pro Recovery, Windows 8/8.1 USB or Windows 10 USB) will not work.
HI, i have the same problem, i've been trying to fix it for weeks. it occurred under different circumstances than yours though.
i thought it may be linked to a bad uefi firmware since it is a known issue and ms relased a fix for it. but i can't isntall their fix.

i am able to get into windows sometimes, i've tried all the same things you have so many times.

i'm going to a ms store today to see if they can do anything.

ill let you know if i make any progress