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Has anyone used this USB/MST hub?


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They appear to be the same. Does anyone know which is the original brand? Also, has anyone tried the pen input with it connected yet? My crappy powered USB 3.0 hub causes some kind of electrical feedback that messes with the pen input.

Before anyone asks why I don't just get the Microsoft dock, it's because I use the pen a ton while I'm at my desk.


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These look like great options! Might have to get a few into the lab to test out. I'll report back if we end up getting them and testing them.

BTW for your pen scenario, would it help if the Surface was mounted on a floating arm mount like a drafting table so that you could pull the surface towards you, adjust the height and angle with one touch, use the pen, and then push it back so its flush with external monitors and other items at your workstation? This is one of the scenarios we're working on with the VESA mounted dock (See link in my signature for video demo)