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HDMI adapter not working

Ryan Wells

New Member
Has anybody else experienced issues with using mini-display port - hdmi adapter on their television? I just purchased my surface pro 3 a couple of days ago and I plugged the adapter into my television via and hdmi cable to watch a movie. as soon as the display showed up on my tv it started to flicker and then it cut out. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and now I am seeing the desktop on my tv but several of the the dark pixels on the screen are bright and flickering on and off. The problem is amplified whenever I try to watch a video.

I know it is not a problem with the adapter, hdmi cable, or television because the same setup works perfectly with my macbook pro. Also I have the resolution set to 1080p which is the same as my tv so that is not the problem. I thought maybe if I went down to 720p it would work better, but I am still seeing the bad pixels. This is very frustrating, especially considering my Mac is 3.5 years old and has no problems at all.