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MINI HDMI Out problem


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Hi everybody,
I'm a happy owner of a Surface Book.
Beside a faulty power adapter that came with the original packaging (already changed with a working one), I'm very happy with this machine.
Now, the problem: since when I bought it, almost daily, I connect it to a television (just to watch SkyGo on a big screen). All was perfect, till three days ago.
When I connect to the television, the image on the television shows some "noise" around the darkest blacks.. Like I can see some red pixels here and there.
On the Surface everything's fine, even if I run some app that requires the nVidia GPU it runs smoothly without any graphical noises, just perfect.
That kind of "glitches" presents only on the external tv.
PS. The TV is working perfectly if I use it normally, and I already tried to change the HDMI - MiniHDMI adapter - same result.
Now, which is the graphic card that runs the external monitor?
Where can it be the problem? Some drivers? Some conflicts?
Anybody experienced something like that?
Any help is very appreciated!
Sorry for my english, I'm italian!

Thank you


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The Surface Book has a Mini DisplayPort out, not Mini HDMI. You need an adapter to go to HDMI.


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