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HDMI Port on RT


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I have read that the HDMI port is proprietary with a special adapter, a la Apple. But, saw close up in video and it appeared to be a microHDMI. It wasn't the best angle, but it had the right shape. Any ideas? I haven't found a good picture and specs are not listing microHDMI. They list it as "proprietary HD digital AV adapter". Or something to that effect.


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It is standard micro-HDMI. I bought a micro-hdmi to hdmi 6ft cable from amazon and it works wonderfully. I plug my surface into my HDTV and stream Netflix and Hulu onto my bigscreen...its honestly like a dream come true.


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As the other users have mentioned, it's just a standard micro HDMI port, any $3 microHDMI to HDMI cable will work just fine with it.