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Thanks for this, pulling the flap tightly before closing it works well to solve this small issue. I also attached some small pieces of microfoam packing squares underneath the two "hinges" which helps to keep the Surface above the leather. No play in the case now, and the start icon sits firmly in place.


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Next, I have a few questions of my own to ask. Note that I am on 8.1.

  1. Last night I was sent a file on skype. A .jpg image. As soon as it attempted to recieve the file, Skype crashed to Start screen. Everytime since then, Skype crashes when opened. The only way I got around this was for the person to video call me, and for me to answer it through notification, not in the Skype app. The crash ONLY happened when I went back to view the coversation in which the file was sent. The home screen operated fine, so did all other aspects. It took a re-install and avoiding the message chat to get Skype to not crash. Can the Surface RT not recieve file transfers like that, or was this a unique incident with Skype? I'd like to be able to send/recieve files through not only Skype, but other services as well.
  2. While the RT lags sometimes, it's fairly smooth in how it operates. One issue I have is the Start icon on the device does not always do anything. Sometimes I feel the haptic feedback, but the screen does not turn on from rest, and I have to use the button. Sometimes it works flawlessly, and sometimes not at all. What could be the reason here?
  3. Whenever I try to change the sharing settings for my HomeGroup, my RT just sits there after I turn one sharing option on and says "you may use your PC while we apply these settings" - it displays this for hours at a time, and then goes away, but none of my sharing settings have actually changed. Ideas?
  4. Is there a way to change the photo/icon of an item on the Start screen? For example, I have 4 linked IE pages on my start screen, but they all use the same icon and color. A little dull, and annoying.
  5. I had thought that allowing apps to run in background and display notifications on the lock screen meant that they would display detailed information, not just the temperature or how many emails I have. Is there a way to do this? If not, would I save battery power by disabling the lock screen notifications?
I think/hope 1-3 are issues with this being a preview/beta build. I have a few apps now that have crashed like you describe and now will no longer launch. I never had this with 8.0. I haven't played with the home groups in 8.1, but I set it up in 8.0 and it was flawless.

For #4 - When you click the star to pina site, you will see an icon for the site above. On some sites, you can swipe to see more options available as an icon for the shortcut.

#5 - This is up to the developer, I guess. I'm sure there are real estate limits imposed by MS as well. I have plenty of battery life so I haven't bothered turning things off to see what the effect is.


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Thanks for the reply. I am also thinking that a couple of these issues stem from 8.1, and not the Surface or apps themselves. As for Skype, it happened again last night, but with one more complication..

I was using my RT to video call, and had Skype open on my laptop as well (not the app, desktop version). I used my tablet for visuals, and my laptop to type in the message box. I was sent a file, and accepted it on my laptop. Nothing strange here, I do it all the time.

This time, however, the file stopped right before downloading all of it, and Skype on my tablet crashed, just like it had before. I never accepted or declined the file on my tablet, only accepted it on my full W8 laptop. It's a curious situation, and I am not the first to run into this issue. Skype on Windows RT does not have a few features that the full Skype app has, one of which being the ability to send or receive files. (This plays a big role in why the ratings/reviews are not great.)

It's small things like this, and various other idiosyncrasies within different apps/8.1/Windows RT that frustrate me incessantly, and make me think that the RT just isn't as good as it could be. I'm hoping the majority of these are 8.1 issues and will be resolved; my RT has become so laggy and uncooperative lately that it is giving me second thoughts.

A question about the Store - when downloading larger apps, the store tries to install them, then gives me the error "cannot be installed, your internet connection is too slow. try again on a faster network." even though other apps (smaller) download just fine, and my internet runs at a steady 15mb/s. Any way around this? It is keeping me from installing some useful apps.


great post with pictures! thanks! I use the carbon fiber skin as well and I love it!
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Where did you get your sticker from? I got mine from Stickerboy and the back stand is cut perfect. No issues with corners coming up and I don't use any type of folio case.


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Great looking case. I like the red and black theme. It looks almost exactly like my moko rotary case. In quality build and design. Except my mojo has a built in strap on back to allow hand to slip through to hold. Plus the case cover can be detached also. Then allows you to put it in portrait mode to use in stand.

Both are nicely made. I wish my mojo had that color scheme. Mines all black.

One thing I didn't see on yours is a built in loop for stylus pen. Does yours have one? Moko does. I also like that carbon fiber skin.

I keep forgetting you have an Rt. I was about to say you actually prefer targus pen over Ms stylus..lol I had that stylus for my Ipad. Worked great until my daughter bit off the rubber end..lmfao

Great review on case. I like the case.


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I luv my RT with just the keyboard touch and by itself, but the carbon skin looks sexy and vibrant, the last skin I bought was for my playbook and it looked horrible and dull and crappy I swore I would never buy another skin again! looked great in the pics but when I got it and applied the skin it was HORRIBLE! lol


What carbon skin did you use? I just removed an Amorsuit carbon skin from my Pro and it came off clean leaving no residue or taking of the paint.