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Headphone jack noise


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Hi all, just picked up my Surface Book i7 from John Lewis, having had an SP4 i7 previously, and am blown away with how good it is. However I'm noticing some white noise coming from through headphones. It doesn't affect the speakers, and it happens as soon as the computer outputs any sound (system sound, music, movie etc). It goes a couple of secs after no more sound is being generated, probably the sound card shutting down to save power. I've read that Paul Thurrott had a similar problem as did others with some early units which seemed to be hardware related. I've tried uninstalling the Realtek driver and updating to latest, no improvement. All latest firmware installed too. Has anyone else had a similar problem with latest units?


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Strange as it may "sound", I read that there was a driver bug which caused the headphones to be simultaneously connected as output (ear speakers), and input (microphone!). The white noise was traced to the headphones also acting as a microphone.

Try going one step further than uninstalling the Realtek driver.
With Device Manager, remove the device, then immediately do a cold boot:

1) Hold power button for 25 seconds. Don't release early, even if you see the screen go black or the keyboard dim. Machine will completely shut down. Release.
2) Press and hold power and VolumeUp buttons simultaneously until you see the "Surface" logo on the screen. Release both buttons. Machine will start into the UEFI menu.
3) Exit the UEFI menu either by touch or by touchpad. Machine will restart.


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This might be a dumb question but....head phone jack? The surface book has one??? I don't see it anywhere lol.
I've been using bluetooth.