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Hello Fellow Enthusiasts !


Glad to be part of this forum, since I just bought a new tablet, my 4th one to date. The surface pro 128 /w 64g mini sd class 10. I love the tablet since I have used win 8 preview on my main system at my home office. I do run a lot of software, from iMac to win 7, and 8, and still dabble with Linux on swap drive. I was doing SCADA systems for the DOD for 22 years, contractor. Pretty much automated system they needed to automate, this base here is a working base, engine test cells from rotor test cells. guess that's why everybody called me scadarick, for those that don't know what a scada system is, basically its this: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. basically its just about the same kind of screens you see at stores when checking out, except these are industrial application's. Enough about me, lets get on with some posting and reading....Lets go guys! :cool2:


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Welcome to the forum, Richard Parker. I hope you've seen or read Life of Pi..

Nice choice on your tablet - I hope you enjoy both it, and your time here. Ample amounts of good information to be read here; let us know if you have any questions.
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