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Hello from Arizona!


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The PC industry lost my business many years ago. I switched over to apple or Google products as my pc's and phone broke or no longer performed. I was tired of the antiquated interface and software integration issues. I held onto Windows XP way beyond it's useful life cycle because I did not like Vista.

Now fast forward to Microsoft 365 and the Surface Pro. I watched the surface pro product news and followed the reviews for many months. A few weeks ago (just before the Surface Pro 2 announcement) I decided to pick up a pro 128gb. I can honestly say that I was completely impressed. Integration with 365 was wonderful. It felt great to have native access to forms and programs that most of my clients still use. Connected great with an external monitor and is super fast.

The dilemma: They announced the Surface Pro 2 and I was still within my return time. Should I return my new Surface Pro and be without for a couple of months or hang on to it and upgrade to the battery cover and dock station.......decided to return and go for the 256 with double the ram.

The only issue I had was making the mistake of ordering the new Surface Pro 2 over the online phone store. I thought it would be best to talk to someone live and make sure the order was correct. This turned out to be a terrible mistake. It took over 5 calls and 4 cancelled orders to get it right. On one of the calls, even after confirming multiple times, I received a shipping notice that my 256 was on its way. Only problem was it was the older 256. I am not sure where they route the calls, but English is not the first language and management was no help. Sales is a company's front line to clients. Microsoft..........this needs to be fixed!

They also need to do a much better job of marketing. This is an excellent product, but it's a big purchase and consumers need to be sold on it before they buy otherwise they may go for a cheaper option. That announcement event was just pitiful. No energy or excitement and most of the features where glossed over without any applause from the crowd.

Overall I am looking forward to my new Surface Pro 2. Let's hope it does better this round because I would really like to see where this takes Microsoft products.