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Hello from the UK

Phil A

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Hello to all from the (not very sunny) UK!
I've just upgraded my Surface Pro to a Surface Pro 2 (256GB), with that going to my wife and her Surface going to my Daughter so we're pretty much "Surfaced out" now! I got my Surface Pro because I wanted a single device that I could use as a tablet, notebook and desktop machine which it pretty much did to perfection. The only downside I had was the disk space which was a bit tight @ 128GB so when Microsoft announced the SP2 with increased storage space, I was determined I would have one ASAP.

For me, the Surface Pro is The best device I've ever owned: It's more than quick enough to use as an every day desktop machine (plugged into a large screen monitor) and works brilliantly as either a notebook or tablet when I'm away from my desk.