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Hello From Central US


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Got my new Surface RT w/Type Cover in the mail today and knew that I would be spending some time researching and learning more about the device, so I went ahead and signed up. Along with the tablet, I also bought this privacy screen protector and a protective skin for it. I have been wanting a tablet for a good amount of time and decided to join in; it was a tough choice to decide which tablet to get when considering the Surface, and I feel that I would get much better use out of a Pro. However, I decided to live with the Surface for a while and after owning and operating it, deciding to either keep the RT, or upgrade to a Pro. I've already seen some things that are confirming this, but the RT is great for what it does.

I'm 20 years old, student, private pilot, motorcyclist, and car enthusiast. I also enjoy gaming, lasers, fraternity, and electronics of any kind, including the Xbox series and the modification of both console and games. I've done my fair share of forum administration and community management, and actively participate in several large forums.

I'm sure I'll have a few questions and in interested research the longer I play around with my new tablet, so hopefully the community is willing to answer and contribute to a few easy questions. I was searching around for discussion forums for the Surface, and SF here seemed like the most active and helpful.

That just about sums it all up, so thanks for reading! :D

Edit: My Surface is currently updating; when I set it all up and went to update, it said it had 18 available, so I set it down to do its thing. It's taken an hour and a half so far, but from what I read, that sounds not too uncommon. The forum seems to be popular with the term "Windows 8.1 [Preview]"...can anyone fill me in on this? Is the full version out? Is the Preview good to download? Where do I download it? Etc, etc.

I also see that some modifications can be done to my RT. I haven't done any research, just saw the subforum, so if anyone is experienced in this area and would like to send me some links to take a look at, that would be great. Thanks again.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

I am running the 8.1 Preview on my laptop as I do not have the Surface :( (this is not the final product that will be pushed for public release but more of a beta)...I like it - although I have found some things are not compatible (anti-virus software that I use) and how it syncs with my Google Calendar.

Here is a link that I used for the laptop - should be able to find something there for the Surface... Microsoft Windows