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Hello from LA


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Hello guys, glad to see there's a functioning, active forum. Anyone know of an MS store in the LA area besides the one in the Westfield Mall? I live in Hollywood, and it's a very long drive, especially in traffic. (although worth it).

BTW, I got the 32GB version, and a type cover. I played around with the touch cover, and I don't think I can get used to the "no feedback" typing experience. Is it worth getting the touch cover too? Does anyone have both?



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you get feedback through sound. Although your finger feels weird at first, you eventually get use to it. I like it better because it is cloth. I tried the type cover, but honestly, I can just plug in my usb keyboard and have a type cover.


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Welcome to the forum. The keyboard will come down to a personal preference. Some here have thought they wouldn't like touch but do. Others say that the type cover is the way to go.