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Hello from NC!


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just got my 64GB surface from bestbuy. spent at least half an hour at 2 different staples last night playing with them :) but neither of them had 64GB in stock.

i've always been a windows user. own a nokia lumia 920, zune hd and surface now (also have a hp touchpad on cm7.x). really excited for both nokia and msft.
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Welcome to the forum. I too did the same thing last night at Best Buy and Staples literally next door to each other. I had a discount for Staples but I wanted to see the displays in each. Best Buy had the Surface just mixed into the regular tablets with no particular signage or fliers to identify them. Staples had a display setup up which should have been pretty nice but it looked like it was two years old (just sort of run down and old looking).

After confirming online that Staples had the one I wanted in stock I went to pick it up. Unfortunately they did not have it in stock. All they had was a floor model and a return. So I had to order online with free next day shipping. Too bad it is actually going to take two days to get here (tomorrow). At least they gave me a $30 gift card for the troubles :)