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Hello from Pensacola


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There are a lot of haters out there ,with all the negative reviews on the web people are judging with out testing it out for themselves . I live in Florida and went to Atlanta to the MS store to see first hand....also to see Dallas get beat by Atlanta :(....... and I was very happy with the feel and look of the surface . I myself really cant tell the difference in the movies from and ipad to the service to me it looks find..but on the other side APPs are missing !!! no big deal I am sure they will come. I bought the 64 first gen ipad when it came out and there were very few Apps just for the ipad most of the apps you would have to hit the 2times phone app to make it fit. The one thing I think MS should do is get this surface in the hands of people.....hint Walmart Target BestBuy.....so they can see first hand how bad ass this tablet is ......they would double sales in no time......I don't think I would have made the buy with out feeling it out first.......David
Congrats and welcome to the forum. We will see if MS gets more retailers or leaves that to its partners. Maybe they are content with limited distribution but it certainly would be nice if the Surface was widely available.