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Greetings from Wisconsin


Hi, I'd just like to start off by thanking everyone on this forum for making it so useful! I have been an iPad user since the first day of the first iPad's release day and have loved it, up until about 4 months ago...

I have always owned a netbook as well as an iPad (I currently amy typing this using my iPad 3). I've never felt like I needed more than an iPad since I'd always go to my netbook whenever I needed to set up any networks or anything that needed to have some sort of hard connection to the device I was using to set it up with. As we all know, the iPad is all but useless when it comes to anything needing a physical connection.

Fast forward to about 4 months ago and I ended up giving my netbook to my eldest daughter for school use, but she doesn't live with us, so I didn't have access to it anymore. Because of this, I ended up getting another netbook, but quickly became frustrated with how I needed two devices to do everything I needed/wanted. I finally threw my hands up and decided that I would wait for the surface pro to come out and rethink my options.

As we all know, the media reviews were mostly negative or tepid, at best... Then I did what I ALWAYS do when deciding on a purchase: Read ONLY the reviews from people that actually owned one. Yeah, that's when buying a surface pro became one of the easier decisions I've made in recent years.

With any luck at all, I will own my very own 128GB Surface Pro (along with tons of extra accessories thanks to this site :) within the next week or two.
Welcome to the forum and good strategy deciding if the Pro was right for you. I suspect you will be quite happy :)