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Hello from Surface convert


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Hi, just moved from a variety of devices (tablet, laptops etc) to a Surface Pro 3 - very nice indeed.
I have the ability to influence the purchasing of a number of devices for work, and was going to suggest that we move to the MS Surface range. However a couple of challenges:
our IS will not support windows 8.1! Windows 7 (and 8 weirldy) are supported, and we run a lot of analytical software that will only run on those. So primarily, I am on here to seek help in getting a step by step guide to dual booting my surface into 8.1 (good times for me) and 7 or 8 (good times for work).
I have a windows 8 image file, but whenever I propose to the device that it boots from the USB iso (advanced startup options, usb and so on) it simply boots back into windows 8 - its all very frustrating.

So if needs be, I am happy to reinstall Windows 8.1., if 8 or 7 is installed first, but the perfect state would be a windows 8.1 machine, with a dual boot option to 7 or 8 which can be added to works network. Thank you if you can direct me to this information


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To get another OS to boot, especially a non-supported one, you'll need to disable Secure Boot in UEFI and then if locate drivers, the Wireless and Power Management Drivers will be the ones that you are least likely to find......