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Hello from Canada!


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Hello all,

I am a soon-to-be new Surface Pro owner. Not unlike many I'm sure, I am just waiting on the 128GB to come back into stock.

Coming from a hacking background, supported with strong hardware knowledge, both PC and Mac. In fact, I just sold nearly all of my Apple product, and I have slowly made the switch to the Windows 8 platform. I am the proud new owner of an HTC 8S phone, and plan to get the aforementioned Surface by the end of the week.

I plan to use the Surface for professional photography work, as well as school and productivity. I hope that I can be of help to the other members, and look forward to what we can do with this baby in the coming months.


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Welcome to the forum. You didn't have to sell all your Apple stuff... Windows 8 definitely seems like the next step though.


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Well, if I wanted my marriage to survive, I HAD to sell it. :)

The other option was the to keep it, I chose the former. We will see whether that was a smart decision soon.


Welcome to the forums fellow Canadian. I have a MacBook that I got about 4 years ago, I used it for a whole 3 months and it's been on the shelf ever since. I found OSX really annoying to use and performance wise it was disappointing compared to my Dell M1330 with the same specs. I should have sold it because it's just been collecting dust ever since in the same location. My M1330 is still going strong, revitalized by installing Windows 8 Pro.


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Aw: Hello from Canada!

Welcome to the forum - if you want to use your pro for photography work, I'll suggest to calibrate the screen, since it's capable of showing nice colors, but not with factory settings.