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Hello from Texas


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Hello all,

I have had my SP3 for about a month now and am enjoying it immensely. I was tired of dragging a backpack around everywhere I go with my trusty laptop, tablet and accessories. I have had a couple of issues with the unit, but have overcome each. I use my sp3 daily as I am an IT professional.

I wish there was a cut and dry way of enlarging the display for my aging eyes. I find myself using the keyboard way more than I hoped, but it works for me. I can pretty much connect to anything I have at work without skipping a beat and do my work quickly.

I get a few second glances anytime I pull it out and oblige the inquiring minds as to what/how/why it does what it does.

My next order of business is to figure out if the docking station will allow me to replace my desktop at work or not.

I have enjoyed following along in these forums since the day of my purchase.