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Hello from Mexico


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Hello everybody, I live and work in Mexico, and the story of how I became the proud owner of a Surface is that of a lucky coincidence:
I've been a gadget addict since I was in collage with my trusty HP Palmtop 100LX. Loved the little computer, and she loved me back thru all 4 years of college.
Since then I had every gadget imaginable, from an Apple Newton, several palm pilots, and the most memorable Windows Pocket PCs.
Now since 2009 my gadgets of choice came from the fruit company, like many first with an Ipod, than and iphone and lastly an iPad, of which I had every version that Apple has made.
Recently I changed my phone to Android, and I was liking the OS a lot better than IOS, so I bought a low end Android Tablet which was refreshingly satisfying to use, instead of the iPad. So when a family member had a vacation in the US I sow my opportunity to have the ultimate Android Tablet a Nexus 10. The problem was that my brother, was not finding the tablet in any store, and his time in the US was running out. So the day he was coming back, I told him to get me a Surface instead, and he did.
I am amazed and very satisfied with the tablet! It has revived a long dead loved that I had for Microsoft at the beginning of my career.
Well that is all, for now, but you will read more from me and my trusty surface.