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Hello from the New City of Peachtree Corners, GA


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Hello to all. My name is Gary. True confessions upfront...I am old...in my 70th year, retired twice, a computer "has been", now having a blast working in real estate, which earlier in life was more an investment strategy than job. My favorite real estate is resale of recreational and timber land. The woods are fun, but Internet access extremely limited. I gave up trying to use my mi-fi and laptop and bought an iPad a couple of years ago so that I could get to the Internet through the mobile phone services. Using my mostly, IE based, real estate apps and working without a delete key and without my MS Office products, has been a nightmare with the iPad! I have been so excited about the Surface Pro. I am so ready to be done with this iPad when I am in the woods.

I searched and signed up for this forum for one reason. I have just learned that I am not going to be able to hook up to my Verizon/ATT 3G/4G networks with a Surface. After this long wait, I am not going to be able to use the Surface! So, I hope to learn why this whole forum is not ranting and raving about this missing capability. I must be missing something, because I'm wondoring what is Microsoft thinking? How could this not be a basic feature! Seems to me the first thing Microsoft would want to do is offer iPad users an alternative device with their new tablet...and a way back to Microsoft!

So, here I am hoping to learn from you folks. I know there is an answer here. I'm just afraid I am not going to like it.


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Welcome! No what are you using for a phone? There no reason that you should not be able to tether your phone to a Surface Pro or even RT. Bluetooth or WiFi options should work and with the Pro there are even programs to allow you to tether with USB, but those typically require software running both on both devices. That's an issue on the RT at least until someone develops an app that will run on ARM.


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Welcome Gary. Looks like (obviously) all you need is a reliable WiFi hot-spot. This depends on where you reside. I hope it works out for you because the Surface is outstanding.


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Hi Sin, Thank you for the fast response. I felt welcomed immediately. I do have a couple of phones...an iPhone and an older palm that I use for backup phone and its infrared feature for realtor lockboxes. My iPhone is ATT and I don't pay for the tethering because ATT signal is very weak outside the major cities. I pay ATT about $250 per month to support my family's voice/communications appetite. I also have a pay as you go Verizon phone for when I can't get ATT signal. I also have a Ring Central switchboard connect on my iPhone for when wi-fi is the only connection available. I have a Verizon mi-fi, setting me back $50 per month, to use with my notebook pc. It is terribly inconvenient to lug around and set up. So, I bought the iPad and voila! Instant fix to the communications nightmare for another $35 a month. I can't explain the convenience of that always available network. Well, suppose you had to lug another device around and connect, just so you could use your phone. In the woods, my office is a pick up truck, a 4 wheeler, my snake boots, and at night, a wood table under a pole barn. When I am in the city, I need to pull up to a house and instantly connect to software to learn its features, not spend 2 minutes figuring out why my hotspot is not connecting. That just doesn't impress clients!
Apple has sold 100 million iPads in 2.5 years. My bet is that at least half those are 3G/4G connected. Further my bet is that at least half those would list mobile connectivity and convenience as a major reason for owning it. My bet is that at least half those owners would prefer to be on a microsoft operating system. If I did my math right, there is 12.5 million sales immediately, the day you put Surface Pro on the market. So, back to the reason I signed up for this forum. What is Microsoft thinking!!! Microsoft needs to be about making a great product that will sell in the market place, not just a great product. In my day, the Ford Edsel was a great car, but it didn't sell. Convenience, connectivity, smooth, clean, and easy interface to Microsoft software on your home or office network in a nice tablet package. Wow, I think that could sell. I sell things for a living, what am I missing here?


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Welcome Gary, nice to have you here. You certainly don't sound your age. Tethering to a phone is your best bet if the mifi is too inconvenient. At least that way it is only two phones instead of two phones and hotspot. You might also want to look into a cellular usb stick for a data connection (not 100% sure if supported on RT but worth trying).

I do have to correct you on data use on the ipads though. 90% of tablets sold are WiFi only. Specifically of iPads (10%) with cell data only 8.8% are enabled (meaning actually using the data connection). So very few people use tablets off of WiFi and this has led to tablet manufactures specifically making WiFi only. The demand for the data connection simply isn't there.

Sources (Google gives many):
Sorry, carriers, 9 out of 10 tablets sold are Wi-Fi ? Tech News and Analysis
WiFi Rules, OK? Only 6% Of iPad Sessions Come From Cellular Networks | TechCrunch



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I'm wondoring what is Microsoft thinking? How could this not be a basic feature! Seems to me the first thing Microsoft would want to do is offer iPad users an alternative device with their new tablet...and a way back to Microsoft!

Microsoft did the right approach of not crippling the device with a built-in 3G or 4G whatever, because it has to be approved by FCC and various other telecommunication agencies, as well as by telecommunication companies such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. Not worth going to that trouble. Besides mobile technology changes fast, 3G, 3.5G, 4G, 4.5G all geez!