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Hello! Just Picked Up My New Surface


New Member
Hello, Everyone. Went to the Microsoft Store that recently opened in my area to see the new Surface, and bought one after only about ten minutes. I am fascinated with this unique new device, and I wonder if the Surface will have an impact on both the tablet and laptop markets.

I'm sure that like a lot of others, I've had reservations about the lack of apps, and questions about its usefulness as a daily workhorse. I'm finding that the lack of apps is the biggest problem, but I'm not going to return my Surface, primarily because I really like the new U/I, and I'm hoping improvements and updates will be coming sooner rather than later.

I think Microsoft has a great product here, that will keep getting better and better. I'm looking forward to visiting this forum often and getting to know you all.
Welcome. Reading the early posts of users here I don't think you will be disappointed as long as you are willing to wait and give MS a chance to roll out some updates and allow developers to bring the apps :D