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I'm researching getting a surface pro 3. I have my own Security Co.
And need to up/download my Panels. I currently use a laptop but like the idea of a touch screen.
I am also a tech nut that loves new tech toys!
I have seen what the SP3 can do and can't wait to buy one, but I have one delema, I heard they are making an SP4. I am not sure if I should wait for it, or buy an SP3 now.
Any way I look forward to sharing my thoughts on this site. Glad I found you guys! Thanks
Welcome to the forum

You may also read about a future SP5 ;). Nobody knows exactly when the SP4 will be released so the best bet is to get the SP3 and make good use of it. It has been very popular and outsold the SP2 by nearly double. It doesn't make a lot of sense to wait. You may always be waiting as there will always be something new in the pipeline.
I use my SP3 to view 6 IP cameras using IP Camera Viewer, and sometimes some other apps. I like being able to touch on video panels rather than mouse click. Also, I can pinch to zoom (image, not camera feed) quickly using the touchpad gestures of Internet Explorer or the screen gestures of Windows 8.1/Windows 10.

I like this interface and the equivalent on my MacBook equally.