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Hi All,

Happy New Year.

I bought the 32GB RT Surface in US and I got it with the black touch cover!
I am really happy with the Surface - and after helping Family members during Christmas with both Ipads and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, i can say that i now know i chosed the right tab for me :)

Have been looking around on the forum for a while and thought it was time to sign up, to participate and to ask you Guys for a Little help.


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Welcome to the forum. All nice tabs but the Surface can certainly do some things the others can't match.


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I agree that the other tabs are fine, but yes the surface just have that extra, that makes it work better for me . Some "pc" features that are not on the others I think. And they are implemented great.
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Aw: Hello

Hi and welcome. Enjoy your new Surface.
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