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New(ish) Surface Pro 2 user


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Hi all,

I'm a relatively new user of the Surface family of products, having bought my Surface Pro 2 in December to replace an ageing laptop, iMac and Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012 edition). I'm very happy overall with the device, despite having just about every widely-reported issue (inaccurate stylus at the screen edges, battery charge failure, December firmware wake-from-sleep and subsequent warmth). It fits into my workflow perfectly, as a desktop replacement (with a USB 3.0 docking station hooked up to a 21-inch monitor), laptop (with Type Cover 2 attached) and tablet on the go. I'm definitely happier with the Windows 8.1 environment than I could ever have been with Android in relation to productivity.

Hopefully down the line I won't be simply asking advice but providing it, as I'm an experienced tinkerer, so I do plan on sticking around the forums.


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Glad to have you here for sure and that you're a happy Pro 2 owner despite all the problems. Hopefully Microsoft will send out some fixes really soon as they are going on 1-2 days late already. Anyway be sure to join us over here...

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