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I am intrested in a new tab and have of course not decided with all the options LOL This is one of them and I am here to learn about it :nerd: I have not owned a windows tap so I am sure my stay will be rather useless but.... Oh well :LOL: I am a proud cheesehead from Wisconsin :tongue: (No were not hicks :wink:) I got over here by the one and only :starstruck: wicked :starstruck: I am sure to know alot of you from various sites and I am sure you know me and what you will now have to deal with :tongue: I'm letting someone else take my jobs here :eek:mg: Anybody we need a spammer and grammar nazi? Kidding! Don't be a spammer..... I learned it gets you NOWHERE! I am a NOOB trying to learn and am only 16 so please bear with me :cool2:
You are hicks! Nothing wring with that though :p

Were not hicks! LOL... Its the medias fault I tell you! LOL

Crazy Dingo lover!