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Hi (from Malaysia) - not sure about Win-10


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Hi - I'm from Colorado but have owned a Surface since the first RT came out. In September I got a SP3 and have been thrilled with it.
I've been living/working in Malaysia for 1.5 years commissioning Power plants - Surfaces really help with that.
With the SP3 I discovered OneNote - WOW!!!
Last week, when I flew back to Malaysia I started having problems with locking up and not being able to restart. The only way that I could get it to start was by holding the down-volume key for about 15 seconds and then hitting the power button a couple times. (The normally prescribed way of Up-Volume + Power didn't work).
Now that I've upgraded to Win-10 the locking up problem seems to be gone.
(I've got growing pains with Win-10, but I think that I'll get over it after a while).
I do have problems that OneNote doesn't seem to work very well with Win-10 and SP3 now.
[I used to dbl tap the pen and it would set me up for a screen shot of a drawing - which would then go to ON. I would then 'Red-Mark' the drawings. Emailing direct from OneNote had been great. It doesn't work now.]
Any tips on how to get the Pen and OneNote working on an SP3 with Win-10?

Thanks fro any help that you can suggest...


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Welcome to the forum

Glad that problem went away with 10. Usually having a problem like that would scare people away from making an upgrade move.


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I lived in Sarawak during the '90s. Loved it.

Welcome to the forum. Windows 10 has arrived just in time for you. I like how it performs on my Surface Pro 3, and is very responsive to WiFi. The Technical Previews were not as good, but many positive elements came together just in time last week.

Glad you joined us.