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Hi from Turkey


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Hi all I am a Brit living in Turkey and looking to escape the clutches of Apple.

Potentially going to be an expensive move as although I will probably be able to move my music I also have a lot of video - Movies + TV series.
Surface looks like it might provide a good alternative to the fruit company and am eagerly awaiting full specs & pricing.

Do have concern that so far only seen US launch announced and hope Microsoft Apps Store will be available Worldwide. Not like Google Store where the music is only available in US. Currently I access ITunes UK Store.
Do not like that if you want GPS you MUST buy 3G/4G. İf you want to upload photos from card you must buy and carry addiitional cables. Memory not expandable without buying 3rd party options which again means more thimgs to carry.

Then there are the problems you have if you want to move away from Apple that you have to loose all the videos you have purchased on Itunes because you cannot transfer what you have paid for and is therefore your property. This is one fact that could slow people migrating to a new O/S.