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Hi! I'm Eric new sp3 owner


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Sorry no medical threads or discussions going on... but we got A lot of other stuff going on... ;)


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Greetings! Just got my SP3 a few days ago so I'm still finding out what it can do. In the process of setting mine up to replace my desktop (I've got the Dock). So far, this baby is mighty fine!!


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Congratulations and welcome! I meet with doctors in my job. One doc saw me using my SP Pro, asked a few questions about it. The next time I met with him he proudly walked in with a new SP Pro, happy as a clam with it . He takes it in the rooms when seeing patients, enters his notes in the EMR software, syncs with the EMR server, prints it out as needed immediately afterwards. He was so excited about it he spent almost 30 minutes showing me the setup and how well it works with the EMR app. I haven't met with him lately but I expect he's got the SP3 by now.
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Back in the day on the GBM forum (when it existed...) there were quite a number of doctors and medical pros that were very into their Tablet PC's.

The SP3 is light-years ahead of anything we had then, so yeah I bet it will be popular with the medical crowd.


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I'm a med student in my clinical years. And medical student threads?
Welcome Eric, looks like you started a medical thread.
I am an attending at a teaching hospital. In addition to using my Surface to access EMR (and all our hospital programs via Remote Desktop) I can access radiology PACs system (CT and MRI for all you non-medical folks) so in addition to using it clinically, teaching residents and students, I can show patients and family findings right there at the bedside.

I also use OneNote as a white board for teaching. I have pages with diagrams and MRIs which I can mark-up with the pen to demonstrate things. And of course I use OneNote for taking notes at lectures and PowerPoint for giving lectures.

Our head of IT got me into the Surface and Windows8. He got RTs for all our admitting clerks. They go to bedside to get patients to sign consent for admission and treatment with their finger onscreen and the signature goes right into our EMR. He probably got the first gen RTs cheap, but he just got 10 SP3s for the dietary dept. (of all things!) just to see how they might use such a device. Sweet.

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