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Hi from Germany,

i received my first Surface back in November. It was the 32 GB Version with a touch cover. I loved it but at some Point i decided to ship it back.

After 2 weeks with the Surface i was back on my lovely iPad. Unfortunately the iPad looks and feels like a toy after doing real work on the Surface.

My plan now was to wait for the Pro Version to replace my iPad, but i´m to impatiance. Today i pulled the Trigger and ordered the 64 GB Version with the black Touch Cover.

I'm back in the game. I'm here to stay and it feels great. Can't wait to get my hands back on the Surface.

Regards joga

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Aw: Hi i'm new


i wanted a useful tool. A tool for entertaining, web browsing, gaming and work.

Office 2013, the kickstand, usb, expandable disc space, live Tiles, touch Cover, a fresh and nice Look and more brought me back to the surface.

Don't get me wrong. Is the surface perfect? No by any means. I still miss a few apps like sonos, a god ssh client or a working plex App. I also have sometimes short performance gaps. I'm confident that MS will fix the small performance gaps soon and that more quality apps are on the way.

I' don't care about reviews (for the good and the bad). A tablet is a tool which should cover most of my needs. The surface does, the iPad not. It's that easy.

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Congrats, I'm sorry, congrats! I think many people will experience the same thing as you the more Surface makes its way to the masses.


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You know, you can keep the iPad as a backup device in case you go somewhere and feel concerned that you'll break or lose the Surface. Just a thought.