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I just bought a Surface pro 3 i3 64gb and a 64gb micro SD-card from Samsung. I have had/have Apple-products for the last 8 years, before that I used PC and Nokia phones :)

My thoughts about the Surface Pro after 2 weeks.

1. Its big (not all bad). Have to give it time and soon its going to get little, just like a TV.

2. Windows 8,1 is not bad, love the live titles and the UI. Waiting for windows 10, have it on my iMac.

3. Kickstand works and is very confident. What happens if its breaks?

4. Build in fan (hate sound from products like computer, tablet and HDD). I have only heard it four times, once when downloading all windows update for the first time, 2 times playing a game, and once I don't know why?
I even tried to invoke it by playing 3 simultaneously 1080p clip from YouTube for 15 min, nothing. FTP, torrents, web for many hours, YouTube and more gave me no sound from the fan.

5. Missing apps (not a surprise, not a big problem). The apps I still want; Sonos (not desktop), DayOne, A good remote to my mac mini, SEB (bank), Denon remote, kids games, better email, better media app for movies and filmed (using Gom player now). And more of course.

6. Nice that you can do everything from a tablet (that's how I am using it).

7. Some times pressed button not responds, trimmed the legacy speed from 8 to 2, seems to be better, but still its missing some times.

8. No yellow line on the left that many have written about (read the most of the forum before a purchase the surface). Looked really hard, nothing yet.

9. Everything is working and I am looking for problems, always do.

10. Love it so far...

Best regards, Thekholm
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