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Replacement i7 SP3 no heat issues


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2 weeks ago I got an i7 SP3 replacement due to screen issues and found that the replacement doesn't have the heat issues I experienced with my Pre-Order SP3. Just watching youtube videos made my original SP3 heat up really bad and the fans blowing at maximum. The new one doesn't do it at all. I've only heard the fans heat up a couple of times during updates, but using Photoshop, watching videos and even using 3D applications like Mudbox and ZBrush, the fan does not come on anymore. Maybe they are just getting a better quality yield from the i7's they are using in the SP3... I'm using the latest Intel HD driver directly from Intel, 3960.


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I bought one of the early i7 versions and haven't had an issue with this one either. I think it was a firmware thing maybe combined with early assembly bugs. Either way, it now kicks butt in games and work. My only issue with it is that it now smells like coffee from all of my time in coffee shops. It actually kinda works out as I can open the keyboard and get a whiff of great coffee wherever I happen to be.