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Hot pixel/Stuck pixel


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I've had this Surface 3 for less than 24 hours and I now have this white pixel that shows on any color other than black or dark grey. I bought it new from Bestbuy.

Does this warrant an exchange? IMO yes, it bugs me and at 500.00 I shouldn't have this bright pixel.

This isn't a dead pixel, and I Dont think its really stuck because it wouldn't be white. So the "tools" one can download to flash the colors on the screen to try and fix it Dont seem to do anything. A reboot didn't help. A factory reset won't work correct because this is a hardware issue?

Any advice or opinions are welcome. Thanks.

Oh and first post intro. Avid tech lover, usually an android tablet guy but liked the idea of having full windows so I sold my Tab S2 to buy this surface.


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Get it exchanged. Have them open the new one, (replacement) and fire it up in the store.


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appreciate your reply. I've activated office on this one, should I expect issues on the replacement? I got it through the Home Use program at work.