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How can I auto disable touchpad when USB mouse is connected


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Got my new MS Surface 3 last day. I prefer to use a mouse (Logitech Anywhere MX) over the touchpad. I want to get this to work:
Auto disable the touchpad when the usb mouse is connected.

I can disable the touchpad manually I know (and do), but if there is a way to do it as described above that would be nice.


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The only thing I can think of is a script that triggers when the mouse is in the house. :)


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This is a feature Microsoft overlooked. Many portable manufacturers provide a hardware Fn key or key sequence to do this, as you probably know. The OS should make it easy.

Though it sounds funny, how about keeping a small rectangle of fabric around, which can fold up in the keyboard, and use it to gently cover the pad? A lens cleaning cloth, like the one that comes with a smartphone screen protector (to clean the screen), or comes with reading glasses, or a custom swath of your own?