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How Did You Hear About SurfaceForums.net - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?


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I've just bought a Pro 3 and from past experience I know that these forums are of enormous benefit to members. If you have a problem you can be sure someone will have the solution.



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I just met Jeff at the MVP Summit. I am one of the hosts of a Surface podcast called SurfaceSmiths
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BING.COM fourth down on the list. I saw Surface forum and salivated a little bit. I am on here to learn the best music production software for my sp3. I own a few musical insturments and also a VoiceLive3 and am very eager to learn from all of you. I am new so if you can all speak lamens, that would be greaaaaattt. haha


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Hi all,

I learned of Surface Forums by searching for things to do with my Surface 2 (RT) tablet i just received. While looking for creative, and useful tasks for it this website popped up in the search.

Edwin Hills

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I work for the Government and we support all manner of Surface's. I came here looking for people experiencing the same problems as my customers. I was actually in search of folks using KVM's with their surface's.


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We are always curious how members find our website. So, we'd like to ask you how you found SurfaceForums.net.

Search Engine? (Google, Bing, Yahoo?)

From another site? (Please tell us which one)


Please let us know!
Google search for hotspot connection help

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