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How Did You Hear About SurfaceForums.net - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?


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We are always curious how members find our website. So, we'd like to ask you how you found SurfaceForums.net.

Search Engine? (Google, Bing, Yahoo?)

From another site? (Please tell us which one)


Please let us know!
Purely by accident! I purchased a new computer two month ago and have been looking for a place to ask questions about Windows 10 and the Edge browser ever since. Each time I go to Windows support and attempt to sign in, I am sent back to the original URL and am not signed in! SO, I kept looking and somehow came across this site. I hope I can find some answers.


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I am a forum guy... its where I go for help on anything tech. I bought a Surface Pro 4 a couple weeks ago and then hit Google and searched for "surface pro 4 forum".


Hi, I have two surface pro 1st gen devices. I like using them a lot. Came here to see how the site works and what is currently trending on conversation of this topic. I know this site from a while ago. Search actively via browser about issues relevant to my surface pro. For a while things went fine with my surface pro devices. Coming back now. Thinking about upgrading to the new surface pro "5" LTE. Starting my orientation.


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Stumbled onto it with Google looking up info on my new device, surface pro7.
Back in the day I lived on support forums for the original tablet do, “gottabemobile” and “jkontherun”, getting help from Microsoft MVP’s.
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