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Which version of Windows did you replace with Windows 10?


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We are curious to see which versions of Windows are getting replaced the fastest out there in our forum. Please sound off and let us know if you replaced your OS with Windows 10 and which older version of Windows you replaced.


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All of my 8.1 machines are now running Windows 10 so I have 8 devices that have been upgraded (I had nothing but Windows 8.1 devices).


All my devices followed the upgrade chain closely.
From XP onwards has always had the new OS installed on Release day.
Nothing changed with Windows 10, everything was already running 8.1


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I only upgraded my SP3, I'm too worried to upgrade my win 7 gaming rig to win 10... I see there is problems already with my SP3 since I've updated to win 10. Going to wait till it gets more mature.


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6x Win8.1 (3x Pro, 3x Bing)
1x Win7 HP SP1

One of the Win 8.1 desktops was my gaming rig (i7 4771, GTX760) and I haven't had a lick of trouble with it. <fingers crossed>