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Microsoft Apps Disappeared, Can't install/uninstall


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Most of my Windows apps have disappeared, including things like my music player and my mail/calendar/contacts app as well as my Microsoft games. If I try to reinstall them it says it is installing, goes through the download process and comes up with the notice to say that it's installed. If I click on the notice which usually takes me to the newly installed app nothing happens and if I close the store the app is not in the list and it cannot be found by searching. If I go back to it in the store I can't try to download again as it says it is installed until I restart and then you can hit install again and go round in another circle. This only happens with Microsoft apps. I can still correctly install other apps.

Also, I can't uninstall anything. This applies to all apps, not just Microsoft. If I try from the apps screen (long press & hit uninstall) they disappear instantly and then if I go to the start menu then back to the apps screen it will be back again. If I try from the Apps & Sizes page of the settings I click Uninstall, click uninstall again on the 'are you sure' window & nothing happens. I can keep doing that all day and nothing changes.

Also, it seems to want to run updates almost constantly. Unless Microsoft are bringing out new important updates every couple of days, I guess there is something wrong there too.

Please help!! I tried to contact the answer desk but neither the 'chat now' or the 'call me back' buttons work and I am very close to throwing this out a window!


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Check your time and region settings, make sure it is correct, make sure UAC and Defender are running and apply any and all updates...reboot if that doesn't fix it then....backup any data stored locally and do a factory reset...that is the quickest way to fix it, it should take about 45 minutes possibly up to an hour....